Notice to All Members – Pace of Play

In recent weeks, the dreaded issue of “Slow Play” has begun to reappear on weekends.

Members are reminded that it is the responsibility of EVERYONE in the field to make sure that the Pace of Play is maintained throughout the day.  To ensure that Pace of Play is kept throughout the day, members are asked to do the following

  • Only book in to play in early groups (before 7:30am) if you are willing and able to play your round of golf in 3 hours 40 mins. If you can not comfortably do this, consider playing later in the day.
  • Make sure you check into the Golf Shop at least 15 minutes before your round, and be on the tee 5 minutes prior to your tee time.
  • Keep up with the group in front. If you are not waiting on the group in front, chances are that you are the slow group.
  • Play “Ready Golf”. Hit when ready.

From this weekend, Pace of Play will be closely monitored and those found in breach of the Club’s Pace of Play Policy may have restrictions placed on when they are allowed to book.

What is considered a breach?

  • A group that falls more than 1 full hole behind the group in front (at any time during their round) regardless of where the group behind them is. Remember that your position in the field is Behind the Group in Front NOT in front of the Group Behind. If a group is found by the Course Marshall to be too far behind, they will receive one on-course warning and given the chance to catch up. If they remain behind it will be considered a breach.
  • A group that finishes their round more than 14 minutes behind the group in front.
  • Zero tolerance on any abuse of Course Marshall. Any Staff, Directors or Volunteers on the Marshall Cart will be doing so for the benefit of all members. Any instances of abuse will be taken very seriously.

We ask that all members buy in to this for the benefit of all members.