Round 1

A strong field of 51 presented at 7.00am to very windy Saturday morning. The wind was a steady 20-30kmh gusting to 40kmh. What a great day to start the Club Championships.

As usual, the Captain’s random draw determined the play list for Rd 1 (and Rd 2 & 3)

Leading the field away for 2023 was Brad Fifield

I drove around the course and was pleased with the pace of play by all players. Standing on the 14th I noted many good players play like me with balls spraying the hole with some actually on the fairway

Leading day 1 was Cooper Smith 71, Conrad Weber 73 and from the A-Reserve squad Gary Kennedy with a 77.

After the game over a few drinks, the random draw was again undertaken.

Round 2

A much calmer Sunday greeted the players today with a small 10kmh westerly greeting all, albeit a small rain shower came thru to keep us all honest.

44 players presented today. A couple were a bit dusty after stretching “a few drinks” to lots…………???

Scoring today with the mild conditions was expected to be better, but as is the norm, The Coasties are wind players and surprising many scores at the top end were greater than Saturday.

Cooper Smith backed up with a 75, Pete Baigent a 76 with several 77s. A-Reserve had Darren Lester 77, Jim O’Connell 77and Andy Clayton 77. Gary Kennedy continued low with a 78

Aggregate score into Round 3 has Cooper Smith 146, Conrad Weber 150 and Merv Danne 155.

A-Reserve has Gary Kennedy 155, Darren Lester 157 and Jim O’Connell 160.

 Bring on moving day, day 3, Saturday 14/10 with the field going into Sunday as a seeded field, highest to lowest aggregate

Round 3

Round 3 – moving day. And most did – out

41 players presented at 7.00am to a beaut Saturday morning with a small north westerly prevailing. There was an anticipation that scoring would be low today.

Today was also the second round to qualify for the club match play event as well and    round 2 of the B & C Grade Championship so was going to be a big day for all.

Again the Captain’s random draw determined the play list for today.

Again, along with Luke,  I drove around the course and was pleased with the pace of play by all players.

Today’s best round was by Conrad Weber 69, with non-one following under 75

A-Reserve squad was highly contested this year with 28 players in the field daily handicap 8 to 15.

Todays best was Phil Hogg with a 81 followed by Paddy Kelly, Mark Sheedy and Prinya Kham with 83s

The draw was determined at days end for the final round being a seeded draw.

Round 4

Again a great morning greeted the players today with a small 10kmh westerly greeting all,

30 players presented today.

Final group out was Conrad Weber (219), Cooper Smith ( 221), Merv Danne (232) and Pete Baigent (233)

Second last group was the top four from the A -Reserve contest being Gary Kennedy (239), Darren Lester (241) , Jim O’Connell (246) and Paddy Kelly (251cb)

Again Captain Tony was on the starters tee to get the field away for the final round.

Noting where some of the tee shots ended, some were in for a long day.

As the field played the back 9 there were reports of who was doing what and on the last tee Conrad had a lead of.

After putting out, the 2023 champion was Conrad Weber (75) with 4 round total of 294. Runner up Cooper Smith with 298. At the presentation, Conrad complimented Cooper on his great event as to finish sub 300 was great golf.

A great event for Simon Laird finishing with a 73 on the day and to be just out of the top four.

The main event over, drama was unfolding behind. There was only ever a 1-2 shot lead advantage with ebb & flows on occurring between Darren & Gary playing the back 9.

Tony followed this group in for the last few holes. Noting a 3 put on 16 for a squared hole, Darren playing 17 put a ball onto the beach, took a drop, landed on the green and then a HUGE 20 foot putt for bogey. Gary was unable to take advantage just short of green for two and also carded a five.

Advantage Darren 1 up over Gary playing 18.

Gary put a second shot to the edge of the green then rolled a put which JUST made the grade for a birdie. The crowd around 18 erupted knowing what the score was leading into the green. Darren also had a birdie but failed and posted a 4. Not to be outdone in this group, Jim O’Connell also putted in for a birdie for his last hole of the comp.

Playoff time arrived. After a short break, and some persuasion of others on holes 1,2 and 3 a four hole playoff started. After hole four, sudden death.

Hole 1 – halved PAR. Hole 2 –  halved PAR, Hole 3 – PAR to Garry and an untimely 3 putt for a 7 by Darren had Garry 2up on the fourth tee. Both tee shots missed to the right on the now brisk NE wind, with Darren landing in the drainage dish. Shot to green missed after clipping tree and then on for 3. Garry chipped on then drained a putt for a 3 and the A-Reserve Championship.

During the speeches it was noted and acknowledged how much fun and comradeship happened during this years championship. The crowd from around 18 was a sight to see.

Also all present said how the course was presented for the championship, especially the greens and passed on many thanks to Jordan and his team in the green shed.

There were also a few mentions re some super ? pin positions out there, especially 16th on day 3

There were also rumours  of air swings, hit wrong ball and other obstacles during the event.

A great win to Conrad Weber, now a 3 peat winner of the Club Championship. Congratulations also to Cooper Smith for gallant runner up

As mentioned above, Gary Kennedy is the new  A-Reserve Champion with Darren Lester runner up.

It was also great to see Raymond Macey (4 time Club Champion – Luke please check 4) come out and walk with the leading pack from 7 green onwards. Good to see Raymond back on the course, and hopefully soon with a golf club in his hand on the 1st tee

Anyhow, start practicing for 2024


Tony de Kievit

Club Captain