Young Henry’s Summer Series Update – Round 10

Another great turnout for round 10 of the Summer Series with 109 golfers playing in some of the most benign conditions seen so far this season.

Some great scores in with Mark Ellison coming in with 24 which helped maintain EZP’s lead at the top off Team standings and a host of other players came in with 23.

David McKenzie’s score off 22 propels him to a 2 shot lead over Greig Sparling and Glenn Grainger in the individual standings with 15 golfers being within 5 shots of the lead.

Andrew ‘Tornado’ Taucher won the pro pin ($196) after hitting it to 168cm on the 4th hole and Sean Garlick won the NTP on the 8th to win the Young Henry’s Pack.

Only one more round left in the regular season to qualify for the Grand Final on the 20th December so get the whole team out next week and post some scores. 1 week left to book for the Grand Final, so get in soon.

A reminder that although the top 10 teams and 20 further individuals will qualify for the Grand Final For those who don’t qualify, we will still be putting on another event on the day and everyone is welcome to play. For more info on the Grand Final see the bottom of this page.

We will be taking pre-bookings for the Grand Final Day Event so please get in quickly. $70 and covers Golf, BBQ dinner, Drinks, Live Entertainment and Prizes (including best dressed team). The GF is a pre-paid event (Payment Required by 13th December), so please contact the club on 9311 7422 or by email at to secure your spot.

Full Leaderboards Below:


RankTeam NamePoints
43 & 2 Half Men314
5It’s Coming Home312
6Sebs Cash Cow310
7The Wobbly Boots307
9Rabbitoh Roughies305
10No Name Team303
11The Originals301
12Par to Bar300
13Mukka Mad Boys298
14Error 404: Swing not Found293
15The Strokes292
16The Vacationers291
17The Burglars290
182 Balls 1 Cup280
19The Transformers276
20The Wino’s270
21The HBW’s238
22Birdie Sauce230
23Birdies & Eagles212
24Chickens & a Goose211
25LBGI Group205
27No Slow Play203
28Looney Hackers192
29Hole in Nones188
30Benny’s & The Jets164
31Par-Tee Timers126


1David McKenzie87
2Greig Sparling85
2Glenn Grainger85
4Mark Ellison84
4Robyn Sparling84
4Tish Curtis84
4Paul Liversidge84
4Brian Toland84
9Andrew Taucher83
9Mark Pullen83
9Julie Quigg83
9Archie Webb83
9Maurie Rivett83
9Khalief Nagi83
15Conor Martin82
15Steve Henriques82
15Brandon McPhee82
18Cathy McDonald81
18Jack Prentice81
18Chris Mitris81
18Catherine Balafoutis81
18Matt Power81
18Roslyn Avard81
24Robin O Connell80
24Anthony Burnett80
24Reece Moffat80
24Luke Harvey80
24Blake Solly80
29Frank Restuccia79
29Kerry Macpherson79
31Mark Millican78
31Amanda White78
31John Migachov78
34Alan O’Reilly77
34Lorna Foley77
34Eden Galea77
34Raymond Broderick77
34Bernadette Green77
34Joshua Ellison77
34Paddy Kelly77
34Hugh Adams77
34Cormac Field77
43Georgie Jones76
43David Quigg76
43Conor Sweeney76
43Peter McPhee76
43Michael White76
48Mervyn Danne75
48Natalie Zulian75
48Leonie Migachov75
51Robert Abeni74
51Gail Mcfadyen74
51Noah Simpkins74
51Gary Peppard74
51Adam Ayliff74
51Raylean Ellison74
57Steve McDermott73
57Stephen Mcfadyen73
57Anthony Lloyd73
57Sharyn Africh73
57Gary Kennedy73
62Jesse Smith72
62Carmel Fifield72
62Leanne Williams72
62Andrew Roberts72
66Silvia Turnbull71
66Cillian Flavin71
66Pip Hooper71
66Kevin Moffat71
66Bruce Dominish71
71Carolina Pindar70
71Bill Mcgregor70
71Brad Fifield70
71Hamish Mccarthy70
71Shay Kiely70
71Judy Skippen70
71Fergus Monaghan70
71Mark Bookallil70
80Cooper Smith69
80Margaret Grundy69
80Andrew King69
80Mitchell Battersby69
84Paul Haselhurst68
84Darren Lester68
86Anthony Huxtable67
86Emmanuel Respall67
86Joey Swaysland67
86Connor Jelley67
90Anne Mcgregor66
90Doug Wesney66
90Kevin Isch66
90Steve Gaynor66
90Kieran Semple66
95Kieran Dennis65
95Dan Hampton65
95Jacqueline Worley65
95Dawes Cerda65
95Diego Greco65
95Ryan Weston65