Major Pennant Round 3 – HOME Win 6 to 1

The Major pennants team hosted Hurstville at home on Sunday 18th February 2024. Conditions were very placid again week, and caddies were nervous. There had been a major purge of caddies from last week. Everyone knows that caddies are blamed for mishits, chunked shots and missed putts.   Unfair, but that’s life 😉!

Most of our players got off to a good start and went on to good victories, with the contest over by 10.30am. We had a good crowd of spectators who stayed on to watch us get the “W”.  Only one match went up 18. The Coast went on to record a solid Win of 6 to 1. We are back in the game!

7 – Wayne Smyth (caddy Paddy Kelly) – Wayne was striking the ball and playing well early, being up by 5 through 9 holes.  Wayne was in a hurry to get the job done. He Won 6&5.

6 – Tony Podvorec (caddy Anthony Ragusa) – Tony was glad to have a fellow rooster supporter on his bag this week.  He was in a solid fight across the front 9, being down 2 after 9 holes.  But the magic finally surfaced, winning a string of 5 holes before his opponent inexplicably shook hands on 16. Match Won 3&2.

5 – Pete Baigent (caddy Simon Laird) – Speaking of people in a hurry, Pete was up by 6 at the halfway mark.  It was all over by 12 with a Win of 8&6.  That is 2 wins for his first two appearances for this team.

4 – Oliver Young (caddy Gary Kennedy) – Oliver arrived fresh and ready to play but struggled on a tough day for him.  He lost some key holes across his middle six holes to finally have a Loss 5&4.

3 – Kevin “Clutch” Isch (caddy Glen Hetherington) – Kevin sacked two of his caddies from last week, and for a while looked like it wasn’t paying dividends.  Being 4 down after 8 holes it did not look good.  His opponent showed some weakness and Kevin took full advantage winning 5 holes in a row to be 1 up on hole 16.  A big crowd had gathered to follow him up 17 & 18.  He sunk his par putt on 18 and received thunderous applause that shook the glasses inside the bar area.  He Won 1Up.

2 – Merv “Rocky” Danne (caddy John Wachman) – Merv had his favourite towel draped across his shoulders.  He played steady golf early to see him in front by 3 at the halfway mark, and went on to Win 4&3. A strong win.

1 – Cooper Smith (caddy Scott Knowles) – Cooper shook hands with his opponent on the 1st tee, and that was about as close as they were all day.  Coops absolutely punished someone that had had a “big night”, who walked off before finishing the 12th hole to catch an Uber home, delivering a Win 8&6

Thank you to all our caddies again.  You do a great job every week. Its always great to have more caddies than we need.  We appreciate each and everyone of you! We also saw a large crowd of spectators out again.  The boys love it!

Spectators: Tony and Deb deK, Scott Haywood, Gums, Bruce Jennings, Deb and Steve McDermott, Mark Millican, Gary Peppard, Ben O’Neill and Sebastian, Daniel McNeill, Doug Wesney and apologies to anyone I missed.

Next week we play Hurstville at Hurstville GC, teeing off at 11.00am

Maurie Rivett

Major Pennant  Round 2 – HOME Loss 4 to 3

The Major pennants team hosted Asquith at home on Sunday 11th February 2024. Conditions were as near perfect as you get at The Coast, which was a pity.  We always look forward to freaking out our opposition with the help of our coastal breezes.

We had a large crowd of spectators, but even that wasn’t enough to get the “W”.  All matches were close with two groups going up 18, splitting those results, with Asquith prevailing on the day handing us a Loss of 4 to 3.

Reserve – Wayne Smyth (caddy Glenn F Grainger) – Wayne was 1up through 9 and ground his opponent to a WIN 4&2. A pity we didn’t get see more of this game

7 – Paddy Kelly (caddy Doug Wesney) – Paddy played Asquith’s captain again this week had a job to contain him, being -2 through 8 holes and ended with a Loss 3&2

6 – Pete Baigent (caddy Jarrod Sharrock) – This was Pete’s first game and used an “import” as his caddy.  He was 1 down through 8 holes, and steadied the ship to Win 2Up. He finished with a birdie, which earned him the point and a “team fine” for showing off in front of the clubhouse. Welcome to the team, Pete!

5 – Oliver Young (caddy Gary Kennedy) – This game was close all day, being 1up early and going 1down with a poultice of halves across the back before ending with a Loss 1 Down on 18. Welcome to the team Oliver – he hasn’t played Major pennants for 35 years, but he has upgraded his clubs from hickory shafts.

4 – Tony Podvorec (caddy Simon Laird) – This was another close one all day which seesawed both sides of Even all day.  His match finished on 17 with a Loss 2&1.  An investigation has been opened into the caddy’s “Rabbitohs” water bottle being placed in Tony’s bag.  I didn’t see the problem.

3 – Kevin Isch (caddy Glen Hetherington, Freddie plus dog) – Another tight game through the front 9 with Kev improving once he had “three” on his bag.  He wasn’t happy losing last week and he pulled away for a solid Win 4&2

2 – Merv Danne (caddy John Wachman) – Merv also managed to shrug off a loss last week, going 2Up early and finishing with a Win 3&2. A strong win.

1 – Cooper Smith (caddy Ray Macey) – Cooper faced off against Asquith’s club champion, who had a win over Conrad the previous week.  Unfortunately, Coops was 3 down after 9, and grafted away till eventually heading to Loss 3&2

Thank you to all our caddies again.  You do a great job every week. We saw a huge cast of spectators out and about today.  Thank you, the boys always appreciate it.

Spectators: Gums, Robert Simpson, Ragu, Steve Day, Capt NoFun, Daniel McNeill, Bruce Jennings, Jason Eccleston, Gary Peppard, Trevor Jay, Deb & Steve McDermott, Carl, Bruce Dominish and apologies to anyone I missed.

Maurie Rivett – Team Manager 2024

Major Pennant Round 1 – Away Loss 4.5 to 2.5

The Major pennants team travelled to Asquith on Sunday 4th February 2024. Conditions were “hot, hotter and humid”. It is a beautiful course. All games were played in good spirit, but Asquith prevailed on the day with a strong team that made the Semis last year, and won the contest 4.5 to 2.5

Reserve – Gary Kennedy (caddy Bruce Dominish) played in the Reserve position for a fighting 2&1 Win, after being 3 down at the turn.  He hung in there, played some great golf and got the job done. Welcome to the team, Ranger Gary!

7 – Wayne Smyth (caddy Pete Baigent) Wayne was gone! His towel was wet through after 3 holes and was down 5 after 9 holes.  With Pete’s help, I think we witnessed the “2nd Coming”.  Some inspired shots saw him claim a Half on the 18th hole.

6 – Paddy Kelly (caddy Doug Wesney) – The old firm of Kelly&Wesney announced they were back in town, and not to be messed with.  This was no tired rendition of Piano Man we saw, but a gutsy lead of +2 at halfway, our only player to be in front at this stage. Paddy had that “Eye of the tiger” look in his eye, and a large crowd on 18 which saw him hang in for a solid 1Up victory.  It was worth returning home for his golf shoes after all (fine!).

5 – Simon Laird (caddy Eamonn Laird) – Simon had a great tussle all day spurred by an imported Irish caddy on his bag and memories of his first golf Trophy in the cabinet at Ashburn.  He was only 1 down at the turn but his opponent went up another gear to hand Simon a Loss 4&2.

4 – Kevin Isch (caddy Glen Hetherington) – Kev struggled in the first 9 holes, being 4 down at the turn.  He had a strong opponent and he managed to hold his own for a few more holes before finally going down 5&4

3 – Merv Danne (caddy John Wachman) – Merv did enough sweating for the whole team and ran into a guy that was solid all day. He stayed with him for several holes before slipping a few to be 3 down at the turn, and finally succumbing to a Loss 5&4.

2 – Cooper Smith (caddy Ray Macey) – Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Coops’ opponent was a solid player all day and they were All Square after 8 holes.  It was tight all the way down the stretch, Coops being 1 down at 14 … he fought back to be Square at 17, banging balls solidly into the back of the cup on 16 & 17. He found the fairway off the tee on 18, his opponent did not, and went on to Win 1Up to thunderous applause from a big crowd on 18.

1 – Conrad Weber (caddy Glenn F Grainger) – This was a contest of two club champions.     The Asquith champ was merciless on the putting greens going 5Up after 7 holes.  Conrad steadied the ship for a while but finally went down 6&4. Enjoy your rest next week!

We were treated to a song by the Asquith boys in their Captain’s speech.  Cooper is threatening return of serve next week. Thank you to all our caddies on a tough day.  It was great to see some travelling spectators – Gums, Robert Simpson, Tony Podvorec and major sponsor, Bruce Jennings.

Maurie Rivett – Team Manager 2024