Week 3.  18th of February 2024.

Well on a stinking hot day we headed out west. To challenge Macquarie Links.

Not the ideal conditions to play any sport….But all the players had carts.

Which made it bearable whilst you were moving….

Surprisingly the condition of the coarse was not what we expected.

Slow pot marked greens and preferred lies on the fairway.

Apparently Macquarie Links only have 10 lady members…..Which makes it tough for them to field a side.

I’m very happy to say the team managed to achieve a great win away from home !!!!

3 to 2 ( such a tight finish on the 18th to get victory)

A very big thank you to our travelling supporters-

Dan McNeill

Prinya Kham

Craig Jarvis

Carmel Fifield

Joan (Kerri’s mum)

Bruce Jennings ( Home & Away ) Great effort 👍🏻


  1. Shannen Brown & Paul Bonomy            Won 6/5
  2. Jess Ryan & Michael White                    Lost 4/3
  3. Kerri Blyth & George Neou                    Won 2/1
  4. Leanne Williams & Scott Haywood        Won 1up
  5. Amanda White & TDK                            Lost 4/2

Res. Carmel Fifield & Brad Fifield              Won  3/2

Thanks Michael White

ROUND 2 V Cronulla (AWAY) –  11th of February 2024.

We had our passports at the ready and made our way over the Captain Cook Bridge and into the Shire.

To go head to head with Cronulla GC.

What a picture perfect day, The Coast team settled into some warm up in the nets and chipping and putting.

Kudos to Cronulla GC on a well presented warm up area 👍🏻

The scoring cards were handed out to the team. Which all ways gives you a good indication what you’re up against.

It was going to be a tight one….with 3 matches going to 18th green and 1 to the 17th.

I’m so pleased to say the team came away with a win  3.5 to 1.5 !

A very big thank you to our travelling supporters-

Deb & Tony

Craig Jarvis

Carmel Fifield

Bruce Jennings ( Home & Away ) Great effort 👍🏻


  1. Nicole Heinrich & Paul Bonomy           Won 2up
  2. Jess Ryan & Prinya Kham.                  Lost 5/4
  3. Kerri Blyth & George Neou.                 Won 2/1
  4. Amanda White & Bradford Fifield         Halved
  5. Leanne Williams & Scott Haywood      Won 1up

Res. Margaret Grant & Dan McNeill         Lost 5/4

Thanks Michael White


We hosted  Wakehurst GC for our 1st home game of the season.

There are 3 newbies playing this year.

Shannen Brown.

Leanne Williams

Scott Haywood

We wish them all the very best 👍🏻

The weather conditions were typical of the last couple of weeks hot, steamy and humid. All the players really appreciated the North easter once it ramped up.

It is always a blessing once the wind is siting around 35 to 40 km\ The team were calmly confident with the task ahead, This was evident at the halfway point, were all 6 pairings were leading.

I’m not big on highlighting individuals, because we are a team of 16. And everyone will be playing their part at some stage.

We came away with a solid win on the day.

A very impressive 4.5 – 0.5 .

We are all thankful to Jordan and his team for how the course was presented, especially the greens, they were true and consistent. Great job!

To all the supporters, spotters,  It’s so encouraging to see you all out there, Many thanks to:


Craig Jarvis

Anthony & Heidi

Anne & Bill

Trevor Jay

Andrew King

David Quigg

Carmel & Brad

Amanda White

Deb & Steve

Stacey & Nathan


1. Shannen Brown & Paul Bonomy.                    Won  6/5

2. Jess Ryan & Prinya Kham.                             Won  4/3

3. Nichole Heinrich & Michael White.                 Halved

4. Kerri Blyth & George Neou.                            Won 5/4

5. Leanne Williams & Scott Haywood.                Won 2/1

Res.Margaret Grant & Dan McNeill.                   Won 4/2

Thanks Michael White