Rules in Focus 4 – Miscellaneous Local Rules

These are some recent situations that have come to the attention of the Match Committee. There will be 3 more in a couple of weeks.

Rule 1 Practice on the course before a round

As we temporarily return to the 2-tee system, players are reminded that if you practice on any part of the course, you will immediately incur the General Penalty (2 shots added to the player’s starting hole). If you have a 2nd practice shot, then you are disqualified. This is particularly relevant to players waiting to start their round on the ninth. You are not permitted to have practice chips or putts on the 8th green. Yes, it’s a different story in Match Play (practice on course beforehand is allowed). In stroke play (as distinct from match play), the only area in which you can warm up is the practice area near the first tee or the nets behind the pro shop.

In the next photo, a member is waiting to commence his round on the 9th hole. As the 8th hole is clear, he attempts a few practice putts on the green. As soon as he hits his putt he is penalised as described in the previous paragraph (Rule 5.2b).

Rule 2  – Out Of Bounds (OOB) Posts

OOB posts define the boundaries of the course. They are immovable obstructions. There is no free relief if the post interferes with your stance or swing. Please note there is a particular exception to this rule regarding internal OOB on the right of the 18th green. In the photo below, a golfer is playing 18 and the ball is just in bounds. The player can play the ball, but can’t get FREE relief from the OOB post. However, if the golfer is playing the 8th hole (perhaps they received a big bounce off the 9th pathway), the ball is not OOB. The golfer is entitled to free relief (1 club length from nearest point). Do not pull the stake out.