Hole 11

High handicappers must treat this as a par 5. Off the tee, aim for the right hand side of the fairway and consider hitting a dependable iron for the second shot (perhaps a five iron) The low handicappers can take the aggressive line and shoot over the left hand side of the bulrushes although you can run out of room on the other side of the fairway. Low handicappers should leave the driver in the bag and opt for a club with less distance. For the second shot, the fairway slopes from left to right and shots to the fairway can end up in the right hand hazard. For the third shot, take an extra club because balls hit to the front of the green can roll back onto the fairway. You need the insurance of that extra club to remain on the green. There is a crested hill at the rear of the green which can prevent the long shot going over the back.

Hole Statistics

Blue Par 4 342 m Index 12

White Par 4 342 m Index 8

Yellow Par 4 342 m Index 8

Red Par 4 342 m Index 12