Hole 17

Off the tee, aim for the church steeple because danger lurks on the left. The high handicapper must lay up for this hole, playing perhaps an 8 iron for your second shot, aiming for the bridge. The fairway slopes severely from right to left, so the bridge shot should open up the green for your third shot. Low handicappers can definitely go for the green on your second shot. Once again aim for the steeple on the first shot. Approaching your second shot, remember there is an out of bounds area over the right hand path but you should aim to the right for your second shot as the ball will gravitate towards the green. Danger lurks on the lft with a hazard and a hellish bunker, so right is better than left.

Hole Statistics

Blue Par 4 380 m Index 5

White Par 4 343 m Index 5

Yellow Par 4 325 m Index 5

Red Par 4 269 m Index 9