Hole 2

This is one of the easiest holes on the course and presents little danger after the tee shot. On their tee shot, B and C graders should aim to the left because even the slightest fade will plant you in the middle of the fairway. Aiming right could place your ball in the trees or undergrowth and even if the ball is found, a bad lie can be the result. Low handicappers can safely aim for the middle or right hand side.

For the second shot, high handicappers should hit a rescue club or a four iron while the low handicapper can actually go for this par 5 in two. The only danger is hitting too long because there is a hill and a dam at the back. Better short than long. The green is spongy and receptive to a pitch shot although when the wind is at your back, perhaps bouncing the ball on the front of the green and letting it run up to the hole is the best strategy.

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Hole Statistics

Blue Par 5 449 m Index 18

White Par 5 445 m Index 18

Yellow Par 5 387 m Index 18

Red Par 5 393 m Index 11