Hole 3

On the tee, aim for the mounds on the left because the natural slope of the fairway is left to right. There is an out of bounds area on the left, so low handicappers should be aware that danger lurks on this side. On the second shot, aim for the left mounds (rescue or long iron) and you should be equal to the ladies tee for the fourth hole. Low handicappers can hit to the top of the hill, leaving less than 80 metres for a chip onto the green. There is a cliff directly behind the green, so short is better than long. If the wind is at your back, consider going down a club. Pin placement is a vital component on this hole and high handicappers should simply aim for the fat of the green. Two putting this green is a bonus.

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Hole Statistics

Blue Par 5 465 m Index 15

White Par 5 463 m Index 16

Yellow Par 5 385 m Index 16

Red Par 5 408 m Index 3