Hole 7

This is the hardest hole at The Coast and even A graders treat this as a par 5. High handicappers could consider hitting a rescue club from the tee but hazards abound both on the right and the left. Low handicappers should look at hitting an iron from the tee. For the better golfer, landing your ball near the bridge is a premium shot but going for this green on your second shot is really not an option. Your second shot should leave you about 100 metres short of the middle of the green. The problem remains a narrow target area and a fairway which slopes severely to the right, feeding the ball into the hazard. Nearer the green is the grass bunker which also poses dangers for all grades of golfer. For your second shot aim for the left side of the fairway and then pitch on for your third shot. A 5 on this hole is considered a good score.

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Hole Statistics

Blue Par 4 403 m Index 2

White Par 4 386 m Index 1

Yellow Par 4 317 m Index 1

Red Par 5 372 m Index 1